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ELETTRO.LUCE s.a.s has been in operation since 1987, focused on the sector of installation of domestic and industrial electrical systems, commercialisation of electrical equipment, design and construction of electromechanical and electronic panels for industrial use and for machine tool control systems, including all relative assistance and services.

In particular, ELETTRO.LUCE has been involved with the realisation of domestic panelling, repairs, wiring and equipment for motor caravans and robotics, as well as the production of electronic panels for automation, power and line distribution.

The core clientèle of ELETTRO.LUCE is principally in the construction industry with industrial machinery for working of wood, iron, marble and crystal, pharmaceutical products, waste disposal, automatic systems for the production of vibro-compressors in concrete, and the like.

what we do

Highly skilled technicians with years of experience are able to assist clients in the selection of the most appropriate solutions to be adapted for the realisation of operating machine automation, in addition to the designing of supervisory hardware/software systems suitable for the management and control of production processes, providing necessary documentation for the specific industry regulations.

In addition, ELETTRO.LUCE s.a.s. is able to assist clients in the sizing and implementation of d.c. axis and brushless motors and inverters, with after-sales service and technical assistance right through to the end client.

The ELETTRO.LUCE workshop concerns itself with the assemblage and wiring of switchboards and electronic media with the support of the most modern machinery in the industry, adopting procedures for quality control and measuring instruments to ensure adherence to certification guidelines and standards through careful stages of testing and final trialling.

Sustainable Energy Solutions

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TRC heat matrial
Elettro luce have the exclusive distribution of the TRC battery powered heat providing carbon material .

Elettro luce have the exclusive distribution of the SolarFlex flexible polycrystalline solar panels.

Aurora Solar Blind
Elettro Luce have the exclusive distribution throughout Tuscany
Elettro.Luce s.a.s.
Loc. Belvedere ingr. 5,
53034 Colle Val D’Elsa (SI)

T/F (+39) 0577 931826
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